The Doncaster Skills Academy is committed to demonstrating good practice and we take our responsibility of working with young people very seriously. We have a clear policy and associated practices which guide all aspects of our work with under-18’s, as well as vulnerable adults.

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Case Studies

Sam Kerley, Director, Solutions 4 Cleaning

"We all have choices to make daily, some are big, whilst others are small but the results of those choices influence those around us.  Blame is an easy option we choose, when we are not able to face responsibility.

It has already been identified that there is a gap between the education our students are receiving and the skills required for current roles employers are looking to fill.  We would however be guilty of contributory negligence if we choose not to do anything about it.

As a local employer, I’ve chosen to be part of the answer. 

Fortunately it wasn’t a big decision to make as the input I give is small in terms of time and yet I’ve seen the impact on the students with the information they receive is great and therefore worthwhile."

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